Management and Supervisory Boards

Persons in the Management and Supervisory Boards

Stichting Auto Recycling falls under Stichting Auto Recycling Holding. Stichting Auto Recycling is the sole shareholder of ARN Auto Recycling Nederland B.V.

LTR Olaf de Bruijn, Martijn Traas, George de Booij

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Supervisory Board of ARN

Gerrit Mastenbroek
Appointed (date):23 April 2020
Relevant ancillary:opportunity partner Globitas Capital
senior advisor Boston Consulting Group,
member of the statutory liquidation commission CNC Cooperation uail,
commissioner Saver NV
Marinke Wijngaard
Appointed (date):23 April 2020
Relevant ancillary:director Berenschot,
member SER topvrouwen

Management Board Stichting Auto Recycling Holding

Olaf de Bruijn Stakeholder RAI Vereniging
Position:Chairman Stichting Auto Recycling Holding,
Chairman Stichting Autobatterij (car-battery) Recycling
Appointed (date):1 January 2012
Relevant ancillary:Managing Director RAI Vereniging,
member of the SWOV supervisory board,
member of the Innovam college,
director Stichting BOVAG RAI Mobiliteit (Mobility),
Chairman of the board of IvDM (on behalf of RAI Vereniging)
George de Booij Stakeholder BOVAG
Position:director Stichting Auto Recycling Holding
Appointed (date):4 October 2022
Relevant ancillary:Financial Director BOVAG,
director Pensioenfonds Metaal en Techniek (PMT),
director Scooter Recycling Nederland (SRN)
Martijn Traas Stakeholder Stiba
Position:director Stichting Auto Recycling Holding
Appointed (date):10 December 2020
Relevant ancillary:director Van der Ven Autos B.V.,
vice-chairman of the board Stiba,
member of the Rabobank Members’ Council,
member of the board Ondernemers Vereniging Majoppeveld
Guus van Dreven member of the FOCWA members’ council,
Position:director Stichting Auto Recycling Holding
Appointed (date):17 June 2015
Relevant ancillary:Managing Director Autoschade Herstel Groep,
member of the FOCWA members’ council,
chairman De AutoSchadePartner U.A.,
Chairman Stichting Groen Autoherstel

director Stichting Auto Recycling Holding

Paul Dietz
Position:Managing Director ARN Auto Recycling Nederland B.V.
Appointed (date):18 April 2022
Relevant ancillary:
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