Theme 3:

Car-battery recycling

The significant increase in the number of electric cars will lead to a sharp increase in the number of car batteries that will need to be recycled in a high-value manner

The figures of 2022

Collected lithium-ion batteries

0 kg

Second use (collected batteries)

27.404 kg

Recycled (collected batteries)

86.032 kg

Number of EV-dismantling courses followed


Number of safety sets delivered


Car-battery collection

The number of processed battery modules increased sharply in 2022

In 2022, 113,436kg of car batteries were processed

The rapid increase in electric cars calls for high-quality recycling of car batteries

Featured projects


Battery disassembly and storage

Improper disassembly of a lithium car-battery is risky. Innovam trains dismantling personnel

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Battery processing in the Netherlands

However, given the expected rapid growth in the number of batteries that will have to be recycled and reused, a market for battery processors in the Netherlands is currently emerging.


New in 2022: the battery portal

Companies can now use this portal to register batteries from electric vehicles so that they can be collected and recycled.