Theme 1

Strategy and organisation

Under the new Managing Director, the strategy, policy and the organisation received a significant boost in 2022

The figures of 2022

Signed agreements for the transfer of drainage installations


Companies using the electronic cover letter


ARN companies up to KZD standard


Importers’ appreciation rating car batteries


Employee satisfaction



Patrick van Gils Autodemontage

“Car-recycling is something we do together”

Patrick van Gils and his brother Sacha are the owners of Van Gils Automotive of Stiba


High appreciation of car- and car-battery recycling

In a survey of importers’ experiences with recycling, ARN received an average of 8.4


ARN obtains ISO 9001 certification

Following an audit by an external certification company, ARN received ISO 9001 certification in early 2023



Regulations for recycling end-of-life cars and batteries

ARN is implementing two product directives on behalf of the importers of cars and batteries

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ARN is closely following new developments in the sector

An innovation committee to continuously verify that ARN is focusing on the right things

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Green light for the new Battery Regulation

The year 2022 was all about readying ourselves for legislation and regulations for end-of-life cars and car batteries



Quality and good employment practices

ARN is the embodiment of being a good employer. Employees must be able to work safely and healthily


People enjoy working at ARN!

An employee motivation survey rewarded ARN with an average score of 8


ARN’s commitment to employees’ continuous self-development

Continuous self-development is a priority at ARN – irrespective of whether it’s an individual or collective training course