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For the first time, ARN is reporting separate figures and results for Stichting Autobatterij Recycling and Stichting Auto Recycling Holding

The figures of 2022

Car-recycling fee

0 ,00

Management fee for lithium-ion batteries

€ 3 - € 65

Number of ARN chain partners


End-of-life vehicles processed by ARN (ORAD)


Number of ARN employees


Stichting Auto Recycling Holding (100% shareholder ARN Auto Recycling BV)

2022 Financial Report, Stichting Auto Recycling Holding

Balance sheet and consolidated profit and loss account

The balance sheet and profit and loss account for 2022

Patrick van Gils Autodemontage

The recycling and management fees for cars were reduced again in 2022

Thanks in part to the introduction of the universally binding obligation in 2021, recycling fees were reduced again

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Key data for car recycling

Thanks to a gainful-reuse level of 98.7 per cent in 2022, the chain maintained the same excellent result it achieved in 2021

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The number of dismantled cars is decreasing

In a declining market, ARN reported a modest increase in market share, to 80.9 per cent

Sustainable Development Goals as guidelines for our performance

In the ARN Sustainability Report, we report along the lines of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals