Vehicle data for 2022

The number of dismantled cars is decreasing

In 2022, the number of cars dismantled in the Netherlands decreased by almost 20 per cent compared with 2021. During the same period, ARN reported a modest increase in market share, to 80.9 per cent.

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In the space of a year, the number of cars in the Netherlands deregistered for dismantling (ORAD) fell sharply, from 220,926 to 176,887. Of these, ARN-affiliated companies dismantled 143,036. ARN’s market share increased marginally, from 80.6 per cent in 2021 to 80.9 per cent in 2022.

Much fewer cars traded in 2022

There are several reasons for this decline in the number of end of life vehicles. For example, 3.2 per cent fewer passenger cars were sold (312,129 in 2022 compared with 322,318 in 2021). The decline was even more pronounced for vans, with a 13.5 per cent drop in new sales (59,186 in 2022 compared with 68,405 in 2021). The parallel import of passenger cars, which currently accounts for a large share of all vehicle registrations, also dropped, with 15.1 per cent fewer cars entering the country this way (249,507 in 2022, compared with 294,036 in 2021). The decline for vans was about 10 per cent, with 32,171 imported in 2022, compared with 35,762 in 2021. Exports of passenger cars and vans also decreased in 2022, by two per cent.

Motorists keeping their cars longer

What can be concluded from these figures is that both consumers and businesses are keeping their current vehicles longer. In 2022, the average age of a vehicle registered in ORAD for dismantling was 19.5 years, slightly higher than the 19.3 years it was in 2021. However, seen over a period of 10 years, there is a significant difference. In 2013 the average age of an end-of-life vehicle was 17.2 years.

The decline in new-car sales is not just because consumers and businesses kept a tighter grip on the purse strings in 2022. Other contributing factors were shortages of new cars, partly in the wake of the corona pandemic, and longer delivery times due to the limited availability of microchips.

Rapportage Q4 202220222021difference
New salespassenger cars312.129322.318-3,2%
Importspassenger cars249.507294.036-15,1%
Exportspassenger cars305.697310.251-1,5%
ORADpassenger cars167.050207.593-19,5%
Market share80,9%80,6%0,3%
Average age19,519,31,0%
New sales (other)Microcars1.7941.61810,9%
Motorised bicycles29.57149.912-40,8%
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