Car recycling


143,036 cars were handed in through car dismantling companies affiliated with ARN

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Car-battery recycling


113,436 kilograms of collected and recycled batteries

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0.44% contribution to the circular economy

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Strategy and organisation


270 chain partners

5,000 people

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2022 Sustainability Report

Contributing to
a better world

With ARN as implementing organisation, the Netherlands is at the forefront of vehicle recycling. All car importers in the country participate in the professional ARN network,

which is contributing to the circular economy in the Netherlands to the tune of 0.44 per cent.

Preface Paul Dietz

“ARN is contributing to a better world”

On 18 April 2022, Paul Dietz took over the helm as Managing Director of ARN.

“A lot is going on at ARN, which is an organisation we can be proud of,” he opens. “There is quite a long list of activities and projects that need to be carried out, which calls for a good overview.

This is why, in collaboration with the team, I have focused on this. Every activity must contribute to the core task.

If an activity doesn’t contribute to the responsible recycling of vehicles and car batteries, we won’t do it.”

Theme 1

Strategy, policy and organisation

Affiliated importers, as well as ARN employees, are highly appreciative of the organisation’s work, while chain partner and Stiba board member Patrick van Gils is confident about the future of the sector.

Theme 2 :

Car recycling

In 2022, ARN and its chain partners once again performed impressively, thanks to the gainful reuse of 98.7 per cent, by weight, of the recycled vehicles. The Netherlands’ car-recycling sector is therefore still one of the best-performing recycling chains in Europe.

Theme 3:

Car-battery recycling

At the end of 2022, there were 340,583 fully electric cars in the Netherlands. The significant increase in the number of electric cars on the roads will also lead to a sharp increase in the number of car batteries that will need to be recycled in a high-value manner.

Theme 4:


For the first time, ARN is reporting separate figures and results for Stichting Autobatterij Recycling and Stichting Auto Recycling Holding. Thanks to this development, the transparency of the investments made in, and the results booked by, both chains has further increased.

Theme 5:

Contribution of the board Stichting Auto Recycling and Stichting Autobattery Recycling

TvT20230413-009 kopie

“The Board has created the financial leeway to stimulate the further development of the sector”

According to board chairman Olaf de Bruijn, car recycling stands like a house and ARN is a well-oiled organisation.

230414 Peter Janssen

In memoriam: Peter Janssen, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Peter Janssen made a major contribution to the development of car recycling.


Persons in the Management and Supervisory Boards

De actuele en relevante gegevens van alle bestuurders en toezichthouders van ARN Auto Recycling Nederland BV.