Theme 2

Car recycling

In 2022, ARN and its chain partners once again performed impressively, thanks to the gainful reuse of 98.7 per cent

The figures of 2022

Total number of scrap cars in the Netherlands


Gainfully reused


Car-dismantling companies


Shredders and post-shredder




Netherlands’ car recycling is Champions League level

The Netherlands’ car-recycling sector is one of the best-performing recycling chains in Europe

Among other materials, 962,687 kilos of automotive tyres and 885,820 litres of oil were collected in 2022

Every year, ARN reports on the waste materials that have been collected and how much of them were recycled

Shredder companies received fewer end-of-life vehicles in 2022

98.7 per cent, by weight of end-of-life vehicles is being gainfully reused, with 73.8 per cent recovered by shredding companies and the PST factory

“The quality of the refrigerant collected by ARN is excellent”

ARN partner, Climalife, is a pioneer in the recovery and recycling of refrigerants

Car-dismantling company Rooie Ben is ready for the future

Rooie Ben’s work area has been substantially increased by accelerated digitisation

The Ecotest provides insight into the performance of processors

If ARN is going to cooperate with a new processor, an Ecotest is carried out beforehand

Featured projects


Glass dismantling in advance

ARN has investigated whether pre-separation of glass at car dismantling companies can be profitable

Patrick van Gils Autodemontage

In 2022 nearly all car-dismantling companies agreed to the transfer

The ownership of drainage installations is being transferred by ARN to their users


Electronic cover letter already used by 130 companies

By the end of 2022, no less than 130 affiliated car-dismantling companies were making active use of the electronic cover letter