Transferral of drainage installations

In 2022 nearly all car-dismantling companies agreed to the transfer

Over 20 years after loaning drainage installations to affiliated car-dismantling companies, in 2022 ARN started up a project aimed at transferring the ownership of these installations to their actual users.

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The original intention was to start transferring ownership in January 2022. However, to facilitate the proper transfer to the respective car-dismantling companies, ARN took a little more time in rolling out the project. This preparatory phase was used to carefully weigh up all the preconditions for the transfer of ownership. Environmental stakeholders were also involved, so that information could be exchanged about tank inspections. The project actually got underway during the second quarter of 2022, when the car-dismantling companies were visited and filled-in on the details of the proposal.

Well-functioning installation

In each case, the complete drainage installation, including such accessories as the tank installation and supply lines, will be handed over. The same applies to air-conditioning equipment and equipment for neutralising airbags and safety-belt tensioners. The departure point for each transfer is a well-functioning installation that complies with current legislation and regulations. Possible defects or shortcomings will be repaired at ARN’s expense. Alongside the transfer of the complete drainage installation, which in itself represents economic value, car-dismantling companies also receive a contribution towards its service and maintenance.

Spare parts

During discussions with car-dismantling companies, the question of spare parts arose. At the request of ARN, the suppliers of the drainage installations confirmed that these spare parts would be made available. They did not anticipate any problems should parts need to be replaced. Their assurance about this aspect was enough to dispel any concerns harboured by the car-dismantling companies.

Next step

Once ownership of the installation has been transferred, the car-dismantling company in question can make its own choices about the way in which service and maintenance are carried out. ARN will continue to coordinate the collection of fluids.

In 2022, the transfer of ownership was agreed with the owners of 168 car-dismantling companies and the ownership of 62 installations has actually been transferred. The ownership of all 175 installations is expected to be transferred by the end of 2023.

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