Five SDGs at the heart of ARN’s policy

Sustainable Development Goals as guidelines for our performance

In the ARN Sustainability Report, we report along the lines of the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The frameworks that they represent enable organisations and institutions to help in their own ways to reduce poverty and inequality and mitigate climate change.

Table of Contents

Five of these SDGs play a key role in ARN’s policy:

  • Sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • Sustainable and affordable energy
  • Ensuring sustainable and inclusive economic growth and decent employment
  • Partnerships in achieving the goals
  • Innovation and resilient infrastructure

Tangible and manageable terms

Reusing things  which means both raw materials and parts of end-of-life vehicles  is a key factor in ensuring that our planet will stay liveable in future. The five SDGs that we have selected help us make the right choices in the pursuit of high-value and responsible car recycling in the Netherlands.

The SDGs contain tangible and manageable key concepts, such as economic growth, inclusion, sustainable consumption and production patterns, renewable energy and the concept of partnership. Each and every one of these frameworks helps us at ARN to facilitate the car-recycling sector, as well as to both stimulate and accelerate innovation.

With every important choice that we face, we ask ourselves how the Netherlands’ car-recycling chain can best contribute to the greater goal behind all the SDGs, in other words, sustainable development that will make our world more liveable for everyone. Using the SDGs as guidelines, ARN is adding both substance and direction to its own performance.

Together with our partners in the chain, time and time again we strive to obtain the best-possible key data. Using the latest technological and scientific insights, we try to do this better every year. And in so doing, we try to realise the highest-possible recycling percentages for both cars and car batteries, ever mindful of the carbon footprint left behind by all the ARN chain partners.

ARN’s mission

Together with our partners, we are striving to achieve the responsible and high-value recycling of motorised vehicles and the batteries removed from them.

ARN’s vision

The recycling of motorised vehicles contributes to the circular economy, without damaging the natural or living environment. What is not possible today, will be possible tomorrow. What cannot be done now will soon be possible.

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