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Key data for car recycling

With a gainful reuse performance of 98.7 per cent over 2022, the car-recycling chain maintained the same high level that it achieved in 2021. The contribution made by car-dismantling companies increased slightly in 2022, from 23.7 to 24.9 per cent.

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In 2022, companies contracted to ARN processed 143,036 end-of-life vehicles. ARN-affiliated companies thus claimed a market share of 80.9 per cent. A total of 270 chain partners contributed to this excellent result.

The car recycling activities are financed by the recycling-fee fund.

Key data for car recycling

Realised gainful-recovery performance98,7%98,7%
Of which recycling 87,2%87,3%
Of which energy recovery 11,5%11,4%
Contribution of car-dismantling companies to realised performance24,9%23,7%
Contribution of shredding- and post-shredder companies to realised performance73,8%75,0%
Number of new vehicles for which recycling fee was paid355.722374.709
Number of imported vehicles for which recycling fee was paid287.356231.827
Car-recycling fee€25.00€30.00
Number of end-of-life vehicles processed in the Netherlands (ORAD)176.887220.926
End-of-life vehicles processed by ARN (ORAD)143.036178.136
Average weight of end-of-life vehicle (in kg)1.0721.067
Number of ARN chain partners270274
Recycling-fee fund€58.645.255€ 65.468.983
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