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ARN’s commitment to employees’ continuous self-development

Continuing your self-development is a priority at ARN – irrespective of whether you follow an individual training programme that aligns with your position, or collective training to raise your awareness.

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in 2022, for example, all employees followed an ISO awareness course. In addition to increasing participants’ awareness of the standard requirements of the new ISO 9001:2015, the course was also designed and developed to give them basic knowledge of quality-management systems in general. Everyone also followed cyber-security training. An external company sent a test email beforehand to see how many people would click on a link in it. It was an experiment that heightened everyone’s vigilance for the potential dangers that lurk online. And that, in a nutshell, was the intention of these collective training course: to create awareness.

Last year, several employees were also trained in the possibilities that are offered, and the use of, the new dashboards developed in conjunction with the ELV Directive (Bba) and battery-management legislation (Bbb). Thanks to these dashboards, colleagues can compile analyses and reports from all the data available at ARN. This then enables them to work in a more targeted and efficient manner and identify certain operational developments at an earlier stage.

All employees followed an ISO awareness course in 2022.

“The world around us is changing rapidly. That is why it is important to keep developing as an employee”

Robin Hilhorst, Financieel Controller ARN

Individual training courses

In addition to the collective training, various employees also followed individual training courses or education programmes. These varied from a company first-responder training to an English course, and from a prevention officer to leadership training. Furthermore, providing it is relevant to their work, employees can regularly follow webinars or online workshops. ARN management stimulates employees’ development in the broadest sense of the word. If an employee wants to follow a course he or she can submit a proposal to their manager. However, the onus is always on the individual employee to do so.

Robin Hilhorst, Manager Finance at ARN, says the world around us is quickly changing, which is why it is so important for employees to continue developing. “It’s the only way to stay up-to-speed with changes in the area of automation, for example. Not developing translates to stagnation. And nobody wants that, do they?”

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